It’s been awhile so time dust of my blogging hat and return.

Alrite so its probable gonna be more the same videos, pics, music for now till can get new sound card and record my dj mixs =P

so heres the 1st video

Parkour (Irish Style)

The really funny thing is i know one these guys.

Pass this video on to every1 you know lets get it going!!!


I want!!!

I know theres good few i want posts on this but i can want 🙂

Theses are some really cool hard drives and usb stick that when stuck together make up an ice cream


Need i say more really the pic says it all.

I’m really going try and blog more

WTF is with IOWA ?

Found these a few days ago and really don’t know whats with Iowa



3748493066_d93b5c7755There the main ones but heres the link to the rest WTF? IS WITH IOWA


Just saw this video on youtube and had to share it.

Calvin Harris and a Humanthesizer.

And apparently he’s using this on his european tour

David O’Dothery part 3

This is third time i’ve seen dod and he still is the best comedian have ever seen.This gig was probable the best.From the story about his trousers with the broken zip that he bought day before because he got 50% off cos of the zip he may have broke himself to the classics of the vodafone dongle (White modem thing), the songs mic check and loads more.


Think hes playing in Whelans soon.

Things I am going to do before I die

1.Finish College

2.Get married before 35

3.Drive coast to coast of America and Austrailia

4.Perform in front of big crowd (stand-up or something, have fear of public speaking)

5.Meet Rick O’Shea and Members of ASH

6.Get a Job I Enjoy Doing

7.Have Kids

8.Live in different country for at least 3 years

9.Give Something Back to community (not like give money to charity like something that will change someones life or few

peoples lives)

10.Die Happy and with clear mind

(More may be added to this list over time but this is the 1st ten)

Drop Dead Fred

Saw it for 4 euro in hmw and i had to buy it.How couldn’t I such great movie for such cheap price.I saw this about ten years ago if not more 1st and just kept watching it again and again then the tape broke.I have it on DVD now and I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet to go out and buy it.

Its about this girl Elizabeth and when she returns to her mothers house after her marraige breaks up.Her imaginery friend Drop Dead Fred returns.The story of the movie is really the havoc that Drop Dead Fred causes.

I’ve heard of them remaking it with Russel Brand playing Drop Dead Fred which I really hope doesn’t happen.Rik Mayall will always be the best Drop Dead Fred.