Rambling no.1

Late night aren’t really best idea when have wake up the next day at 8 am and have do that everyday but tomorrows Saturday so its day off OH THANK JEBUS!!!! But i really have stop playing World of Warcraft (WoW) so late.I think I may need change whats important WoW really isnt its a game that becomes additive really its nothing. But UFC what a game.Thats a real good game could play that all night.

Dam bbc and their red button I really have stop going through all the pages just find something to watch late at night.Are some good things on it though like the Glasthonbury highlights and loads stuff about the F1 when its on.But dam that red button its a killer on the sleeping really.

Why did i stop blogging I loved doing it really so am going get back to blogging everyday.Yeah and this was shit post I’m sorry for this.

Oh yeah Happy Independence Day


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