David O’Dothery part 3

This is third time i’ve seen dod and he still is the best comedian have ever seen.This gig was probable the best.From the story about his trousers with the broken zip that he bought day before because he got 50% off cos of the zip he may have broke himself to the classics of the vodafone dongle (White modem thing), the songs mic check and loads more.


Think hes playing in Whelans soon.


Things I am going to do before I die

1.Finish College

2.Get married before 35

3.Drive coast to coast of America and Austrailia

4.Perform in front of big crowd (stand-up or something, have fear of public speaking)

5.Meet Rick O’Shea and Members of ASH

6.Get a Job I Enjoy Doing

7.Have Kids

8.Live in different country for at least 3 years

9.Give Something Back to community (not like give money to charity like something that will change someones life or few

peoples lives)

10.Die Happy and with clear mind

(More may be added to this list over time but this is the 1st ten)

Drop Dead Fred

Saw it for 4 euro in hmw and i had to buy it.How couldn’t I such great movie for such cheap price.I saw this about ten years ago if not more 1st and just kept watching it again and again then the tape broke.I have it on DVD now and I recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet to go out and buy it.

Its about this girl Elizabeth and when she returns to her mothers house after her marraige breaks up.Her imaginery friend Drop Dead Fred returns.The story of the movie is really the havoc that Drop Dead Fred causes.

I’ve heard of them remaking it with Russel Brand playing Drop Dead Fred which I really hope doesn’t happen.Rik Mayall will always be the best Drop Dead Fred.

If Carlsburg Made Terrorists

Just saw small clip of this video on tv and it had to be posted.

Its from an American TV show called Deadliest Warriors where they pit historic warriors against each other, like William Wallace, Vikings, Samurai etc.

But in the seris finale it was terrorists vs terrorists so they decided to put the IRA (Irish Republican Army) against the Taliban.

Heres the video now


Dunno what to call this post really folk band covers, local band covers so i just decided on Covers mainly because found two moby covers that thought would add to it.

Heres Sweet Child O’ Mine using Sitar

And Katy Perry’s Hot ‘n’ Cold Done by Ukrianian Polka Band

Moby Creep and Sweet Child O’ Mine

Japanese Ads

Arnold Schwarzenegger in comerical for something that makes you turn into a guy with alot of money I think

Hulk Hogan doing an ad for air conditioning called BigFlow

Brad Pitt’s ass in Edwin Jeans

The late and great MJ doing ad for Suzuki Scooters

Rambling no.1

Late night aren’t really best idea when have wake up the next day at 8 am and have do that everyday but tomorrows Saturday so its day off OH THANK JEBUS!!!! But i really have stop playing World of Warcraft (WoW) so late.I think I may need change whats important WoW really isnt its a game that becomes additive really its nothing. But UFC what a game.Thats a real good game could play that all night.

Dam bbc and their red button I really have stop going through all the pages just find something to watch late at night.Are some good things on it though like the Glasthonbury highlights and loads stuff about the F1 when its on.But dam that red button its a killer on the sleeping really.

Why did i stop blogging I loved doing it really so am going get back to blogging everyday.Yeah and this was shit post I’m sorry for this.

Oh yeah Happy Independence Day