Slane 2009

Well to start with it wasn’t another hillsbourgh about to happen, it wasn’t aswel organised as other concerts in saay the point or rds but there wasn’t going to be big amount of deaths or anything.

Now to the concert.I missed the blizzards and glasvegas so can’t say anything about them sorry but as for kasabian amazing band and did not disapoint.

The Prodigy that really blew Oasis away totally.Their energy on stage was great and was perfect for such a concert as Slane and in my eyes should’ve been headling really.Their set was a mix of new and old songs which worked really well.Out of space was the best closer to set I have ever heard.Think the biggest point that the prodigy where best there was Lord Henry, The Blizzards, Gem Archer(From Oasis) been on the side of the stage throughout their performance.And the chant for “One more tune” for a support acy is something a headliner never wants to hear.I am huge Oasis fan and would be last to say it but think they’ve had their time and maybe should just stop touring their huge back catalogue just doesn’t do it anymore.

Not best sounds but gets point across