College Exams Summer Start Tomorrow

So i made it to summer exams this time which is cool.Loving the course slightly wondering how many people will be there next year.But Business tomorrow should be ok i think fingers crossed :). The the big one PROGRAMMING 3 hours of writing and correcting code so bring it on!!! Happys Days.So Good Luck to everyone sitting college exams and leaving cert students keep your head in those books and don’t forget to take a break now and then.


What the hell Ferrari?

Haven’t blogged in while haven’t had time with college studying and what not.But this has made me crazy.If Ferrari are going to have hissey fit every time F1 want make rule changes I think whole championship would be better without them.I really think Max Mosley should call Ferrari’s bluff.What are they going to do ain’t like they sell alot of cars anyway so f1 team is there biggest advertisement so F*** Ferrari.I’m not McLaren supporter i like Ferrari but this is ridiculous.Is it because there losing and the independent teams are thriving this year.So come on Brawn, Red Bull, Toro Rosso and Force India.The 40 million budget cap could be best thing to happen to the championship since I started watching it in 1994.

And the season so far probably even better than last 2 seasons.Its great to see teams like brawn and red bull showing big guns how to do it.Oh yeah and can’t wait to see that Senna name on the grid again.So Come on Bruno.