Man Up Your Weekly Food Shop

Step 1 :
Never make a shopping list or try and remember what you need wait even better craic open the vodka, whiskey or whatever get hammered and go.It’ll be alot more fun waking up the next morning to find what you’ve bought that planning it all out.Imagine waking up the next morning to find all you’ve bought is 80 packets of party ring biscuits and two bottles of chef sauce one brown one red.


Step2  :

This can be easy and hard at same time.You know the people packing your shopping at end of the till this is all about forcing them to use two trolleys after they’ve packed your shopping.So you need fit two trolleys of unbagged shopping into your one trolley.This will involve alot of jenga style packing into your trolley using up all the space in it.So as soon as they can’t put anymore into your trolley and go for a second you’ve won

Step 3:

Only drink stuff that has lightning bolt or bolts on it.May be hard to do in Ireland but thats the challenge.If you can’t get any with lightning bolt try  the next manliest drink thats on the shelf.


Step 4:

This is the final step and probable the most manliest of all.Never read nutritional information unless you’ve some allergy that will kill you in seconds even then just take a quick glance at it and throw it in the trolley.Whats the point in eating healthy when can enjoy your food.Fat is just the best flavour of all.



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