Wall-e Pc

Can there be anything cooler than model of wall-e sitting on your desk but it is actually a fully functioning PC.I just want one this so bad.It actually looks so cool.



so if this guy decides to put it into production I’m getting me one

heres link to it on english russia
Wall-e PC english russia


This is just cool

I was using Stumble Upon and came across this really cool computer.Its all contained in a keyboard.


Heres the link to the page:
New Eee Pc-in-a-Keyboard

Has anyone noticed the smiley face in bottom corner of there dashboard page


just saw it the other day in bottom left hand corner of my wordpress dashboard.

Amazing Match

I know i am a liverpool supporter but this is one game i ll never forget.Not for liverpool staging an amazing come back but for such nail biting game.This is what football is all about.This match really shows that the drive of these players is still there. Oh yeah chealsea won but i really don’t care cos was amazing match

How fly would anyone look in these?

Was sent link today by my brother to these two items on ebay.
Item 1

Nike Air Mags. Yes the shoes Micheal J. Fox wore in back to the future.


Heres the ebay link for these awsome shoes.
back to the future Mcfly Nike Air Mags

Item 2:

Was a replica of Marty Mcfly’s coat he wore in same movie.


Heres the ebay link for this item
Marty Mcfly 2015 Jacket

Hope you enjoy this post

Post No.100

So have reached my 100th post and really trying think of something good to post here and maybe 100th related.
Best i could come up with is the writers of family guy talking about ideas for there 100th episode

Best could come up with enjoy.

I knew it

Computer games can improve your eyesight experts say.
Action games like call of duty can improve your distinguishing of shades of grey.

Games improve your eyesight so stop telling me to go to bed