The News Just Keep Getting Better

Liverpool destroyed Aston Villa 5 nil but more importantly are within one point of Man Utd though Man Utd have game in hand.Also Liverpool now have greater goal difference than Man Utd.

Just Great News Liverpool 5 – 0 Aston Villa


Great Sporting Day

Ireland become grand-slam champions for 1st time in 61 years
watch this before it is removed

Such a nail biting end edge of seat stuff.

But think words of Declan Kidney were best, very modest man, thanking his predecessor and the school that introduced these players to the game.

Bernard Dunne becomes became world champion
No video for the match so heres a news article

and for me the loss of man utd and chelsea just made it an even better day and the seeming of man utd feeling the pressure of the whole thing.If liverpool win today only one point behind man utd.

Qpark Stillorgan

yeah i took this today when got off the luas and was walking to my car to notice that the space beside my car was numbered 219 not 419.On the other side there was 418.

Great Day

Hey I’m just after having great day today.

Weathers been great bit like this


Best pic could get at time time but weather was really nice earlier.

I got to listen to Rick O’Shea for 1st time in ages.One of Irelands best ever djs up there with Larry Gogan.

000175da0d2Anyone that hasn’t heard him yet for shame but heres link to his blog and his rte 2fm page

The Pointy Adventures of Jean-Claude Superemo

Listen To Rick Hear and See Whats Coming Up on The Show

Oh Yeah and His Twitter

and got to see my niece seems like ages since have only tho its been like week. 😀

Hamish and Andy Tazi

Hamish and Andy finally make it to Tasmania this is video of them talking to rove from Hobart.
As usual they are their joking selves even after all the stuff they’d been through over last 6 days

Hamish’s tattoo is quite impressive ha ha

Imagine you could’ve won a spot on this trip.

Where was Liam?

Oasis played great song at top of the pop comic relief but where was Liam?

I know Noel sings it on the album but usually Liam will still sing it live

Oh yeah everyone who didn’t get the times today you missed a great cd of Noel at royal albert hall.

Great Week

Well I have blogged in week or maybe more but this really needs to be blogged

What a great week to be liverpool supporter 1st 4 nil win over Real Madrid and then today a 4-1 victory over the old foe Manchester Untied what a great week

Great article about today