My Beefs

Irish drivers have learn how to drive and what roundabouts are for and the 2 lanes on a roundabout.

When you see car coming near when your at junction don’t pull out like idiot.

Bray just grow everyone in the town just grow up.Like 25 year old throwing eggs at cars what immature asshole.


Gran Torino

I was going do a ten word review or something about this film but its impossible wouldn’t feel right

I know the phrase if see one movie in your life make it this one and that one but it is true for Gran Torino, Clints last movie and what a send off.I’m not going say much about the plot but its must see.

Its a about Walt (Clint Eastwood) living in a very different America than he grew up in and he is disapointed with what he sees.But there rays of hope in Thao ( Bee Vang) and Sue (Ahney Her).And disapointed with his sons and family.I can’t really say more but it is a great image of american culture and how it has changed from Walt’s day to the present day.
I say again it is a must see!!!

New Prodigy Album 10 word review


Every song is great.Prodigy back to there best.Smashing album

I Want This Car

alfa_mito_32Alfa Mito



Sexy lil car from Alfa

Anyone willing to give me one get in touch PLEASE 😉



This is one of the greatest sports in the world the players really put there bodies on the line to catch a mark and score some amazing goals from crazy distances

and the players have some of the greatest moustache ever.

Melted Metal


This is from scrap yard in Australia which was burnt by the fires and melted the alloy wheels on cars

Kid After the Dentist

Kid stoned or drugged up on laughing gas after going to get tooth removed.