Player ta Playa

Great summer blockbuster

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Peter’s Recession Joke

Was this guy in garage where work today and he had few recession joke heres what can remember.

“Have you heard that poundstretcher has bought marks and Spencer’s and are renaming it stretch marks”

“A husband and wife are going shopping in Tescos and husband puts crate of stelle into the trolley. The wife asks what are you doing ? We are in a recession
I’m buying some Stella its on offer 20 cans for ten pounds.Wife tells him take it out.
They go around doing there shopping and wife gets her face cream and husband ask what are you doing.
Buying my face cream to make me look beautiful said the wife
Husbands says its 20 pounds you’ll look beautiful after 20 cans of Stella and there only half the price”

Talk to Frank

Just great ad for cocaine awareness.

Treasure Island

Just started reading this book the other day.Love it probable one best books have read.Am around chapter 13.Great adventure book.Can’t wait to finish it


Exams In 9hours

My exams start in 9 hours.Hope have done enough study but going hate wenesdays exam computer architecture have get 5% to pass and don’t see how m even going get that 😦

Probable one best viedos on youtube


Kids just love Nintendos

N64 kid slightly scary but funny as hell

And the Wii kids are just crazy for this there loads videos on youtube of kids going crazy for it but heres jsut one