Snorting Coke

I don’t get what the whole buzz is about snorting coke.Its just to much of a liquid.At least can say i tried it



Hey Gary hows the weather

Gary say “Check the stone then, Look at the chart if stones not there get the hell into the cellar you fool”696


Tesco could never do an ad as good as this

Good ole Quinsworth they knew how to do a good ad

Warm Coffee

What every coffee loving pc user can’t do with out

Features & specs:

* 4.5″ wide x 4″ deep x 1″ thick
* Heating element has 2.75″ diameter
* Heats from 122-140° F
* No software, drivers, just plug it into a USB port
* Four (4) USB 2.0 ports
* Displays temperature of heating element in F or C
* Backlit LCD display (can be switched off)
* Heating element can be switched on and off
* Clock with beep alarm
* 5 ft long cord

Now you’ll never be stuck at your pc with a cold drink unless thats what you wanted in the first place then this is just waste of time

MAWH!!! Get more bukects Fires Spreading

2284Mawh Hurry up the fire ain’t dieing down Hurry!!!


Woke up on Saturday moring and found that the whole place was covered in frost and ice.Heres some pics of my garden and car frozen


My Frozen Car


Garden covered in frost


Yes even my tyre was frozen


Close up of my garden frozen

Was like this for good bit of the day.Driving was loads of fun hahaha