These guys are pretty cool. They are Finish cello metal band.


Nothing Else Matters(Metallica Cover)

I’m Not Jesus Feat Corey Taylor


24th Birthday ain’t special?

This guys 24th birthday was special for him

Falling Down

This is really great movie heres a few clips from it.

Wilson Dixon

This guy supported david o’doherty when went to see him he was v.funny

You got to love russia

This how they install air-conditioning in russia
no need for a ladder, harness or any safety equipment you and friend to help you out.

rest photos are here :  http://englishrussia.com/?p=2074#more-2074

My new favorite page.

This page is for everyone who hates Lewis Hamilton like me.I don’t stand by all the things said in this but i really do hate him so i laughed my ass off whole time reading this


Dam Tiger you lost your golf ball again

Oh looks like you ve lost your ball again tiger thats another drop ball and extra shot on.

You’d always beat everyone if they used these balls