Baby Instructions

Here some dos and don’ts about looking after a baby.

Theres another 10 or something at

There all fairly funny


Incognito Glasses

Perfect for celebrities, spies, people hiding there identity in general.

Have find myself pair !!!

Expensive Belt

Was in quiksilver shop in Stephens green on Saturday and was looking through the belts and found dis belt was €83 and was like what the f*** so got price check on it and really was €83 don’t see that belt been sold very quickly.It was real nice belt but not worth that for any belt


New Sport From Hamish and Andy.

Ghosting: Personal Space Invading. Rules:Get as close as can and as long without person knowing. The world is the arena/playing field.

The 1st video explains it all.

Ghosting Version 1.0

Ghosting Version 2.0 Team Ghosting

Forbidden Ghosting

Now thats it for the pros lets see how the armatures


New Sport For 2012 Olympics Who Will Be The Best Ghosting Country?

Ghetto Pool

Items needed:
1.Skip, 2.Plastic Sheet 3.Water, Optional Extras:Ladder, Inflatable toys.
This guy has the right idea for those hot days we don’t have in ireland


What could the person fit in his lotus packet of screws/pot of paint.Not alot really

Love This Song

Nothing Else Matters By Metallica