Red Kid Next Big Thing?

Their live shows are legendary with the boundless energy of lead singer Ronan and the tight backbeat, killer harmonies of the band, it has been described as effortlessly swinging from punk to pop.I think may nearly be impossible to put them in genre there’s no box for them.

Just Check These Out

Just type them into youtube and you’ll find loads more

Sorry Balcony Tv Had to take the videos so people can see this amazing performance

Check Out and for info on live performances and what not.


My Skinny Jeans Conversion

Got 1st pair of skinny jeans like 3 weeks ago and at 1st thought they might be bit uncomfortable on guy but when put them on they were most comfortable jeans i had ever worn.

GoodBye Pier

Weston-super-Mare’s Grand pier burnt down today It was opened in 1904

Goodbye Pier

Awake at 3:31 Insomnia is seriously not fun.

Haven’t blogged in age just because forgot about it really.

Am listen to what i think is 2fm and r.e.m hallow man is on and thats what i feel like hallow shell of man well thats my mood at moment.Its one thing i love about music just can some up your mood in a title verse or song.
Its strange really how can do it if think about it really never met the writer of song and probable never will.